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Last Updated: March 18, 2012
Starting your own website can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Unfortunately, a decision that can't be avoided is the question of how will you "upload" your site onto the internet? Doing so requires a web hosting solution that you must choose from.

Certainly, when compared to options available only a few years ago, there are now many great web hosting companies that have invested a lot of capital in new technologies to offer some outstanding web hosting services.

Competing for the million new pages joining the internet every month, has companies bending over backwards for your business. The result: Very good service with affordable prices. Yet, there are also many companies that only deliver empty promises, leaving you with the inability to reclaim your data. So, we decided to figure out which web hosting company is the more reliable and the most affordable.

Fortunately, there are plenty of companies to choose from. In fact, we chose to look at the top 12 companies that offered web hosting services and review them from the ground up, using a pretty straight forward criteria: value, reliability, and ease of use. In addition to the top 3 you will see below, some of the companies that did not make the cut were InMotion, FatCow web hosting, and iPage.

With over four dozen websites, we analyzed these companies over a period of seven months and collected quite a bit of information. Overall, we were pretty impressed with the caliber of web hosting services.

Again, we reviewed the 12 best hosting service companies, using the following criteria:

  • High Value - Did it deliver a high value for the cost?
  • Dependability - How dependable was the web hosting service?
  • Simplicity - Was the service easy to use?
DreamHost Review

Rating 10/10

High Value

"The highest-quality hosting company..."

After reviewing the Top 12 web hosting companies, we chose DreamHost to be our champion host provider.

Hands down, DreamHost offers what we like to label the gold standard in this industry. In fact, this is what web hosting companies should look like, and from what we understand, many companies are trying to copy their offerings.

An impressive investment in server technologies has placed them among the elite web hosting companies in business today. And, for as little as $4.99 a month, you can have access to 50 GB of space and have your free choice of domain names. In addition, you can get up to 250 email addresses. Offerings include unlimited bandwidth, website storage, SSL certificates, and much more.

As with any good web hosting solution, we looked at the reliability of their services. In over eight months of testing dozens and dozens of sites, we never had a problem, even during our highest peak times. We were thoroughly impressed with their reliability in being up and running 100% of the time.

Dream Host pulled strong numbers with value and reliability, but how were they in terms of ease-of-use? After working with Dream Host for only a short time, we figured out their name. They are simply a dream to work with. We were impressed with the intuitive nature of their dashboard and control panel. Without a doubt, the web designers got it right with Dream Host. It was simple to use and had no problems at all uploading our sites and making any necessary changes or additions. We feel that this "ease of use" criterion is essential for those non-technical customers.

Their user interface was simply advanced, clean, and easy to work with. After working with several different companies, Dream Host easily stood out as the best. Whether it's your first time as a website owner or you are a large company looking to upgrade, we know feel confident recommending Dream Host to anyone.

DreamHost solidly remains our first choice among the many web hosting companies we have tried.

The Verdict: Great value, very reliable, and extremely easy to use.

Rating 9.3/10

High Value

Highly Recommended

2. BlueHost

Coming in at a close second is Blue Host, the widely used web hosting solution among many seasoned website owners.

Blue Host offers good value for those looking for a simple hosting solution. They do offer more add-ons for those looking for the bells and whistles for a bit more money. Yet, they have managed to offer a "Goldilocks" or just right amount for the services that you will most typically need. This sweet spot tells us that they know what most average website owners want in a hosting solution.

They have the unlimited bandwidth space and emails, and unlimited data space, which is very good for the price. However, we also felt that testing their reliability was just as important for website owners as well. During our trial, we didn't find any problems with speed, or website access, and no-error messages. In fact, we were pretty impressed with how reliable they were putting other more established companies to shame.

We also found their website user interface easy to use. Although their a few changes we like to make to make it "easier" for users, we felt that these were small and that the overall usefulness was better than good.

Considering all the factors, we are confident to recommend Blue Host as our second choice.

Rating 8.7/10

High Value

Also Recommended

3. HostGator

Coming in for a close third place was the delightful Host Gator. We say "delightful" because though it came in third place, we really did find that this company was so easy to work with and we enjoyed their service.

HostGator has invested quite a bit on back end solutions for customers, increasing their reliability and their user interface for easy-to-use computer access. In order to survive they raised the prices a little, but not out of the "normal price" range.

We found HostGator's service to be highly reliable and secure. This translates to confidence that your website will continue to be up and running smoothly, even when you are experiencing high peak times.

In addition to their reliability, they offer a great user interface or dashboard, which allows you to easily upload, download, or change a variety of settings very effectively. There is no guess work when it comes to using Host Gator's service.

Despite, coming in third place, we strongly believe that they make an excellent choice among the top hosting companies and have earned our recommendation.

What is the best web hosting company? We recommend DreamHost
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